Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Canada Part 8a- Cobequid Bay North Coast

Monday dawns bright and clear and looks like it's going to be a hot one. Far different to the day before's rain and fog.
We enjoy a great breakfast; scrambled eggs, Canadian ham and tomato for me, fruit, cereal and toast and jam for my girlfriend. I snaffle some of the delicious home baked cakes as well. After speaking to our hosts about places to go we are provided with a map and Larry highlights the way we should head out. Remember the punctured tyre from yesterday? Well Larry also gives us a recommended garage to go to.
So the first order of the day is to the garage. Rod Lynk's Auto Clinic to be precise. We leave the wheel and tyre with them as they are busy and head off.
It's one of those days where the sun is shining bright, the sky is a lovely blue and we've got no real place to be. We cruise along the road and upon seeing Masstown Market we stop in to try and get some Maple Syrup for our friends back home. Success!
I then find the ice cream bar, which has the most variety of ice cream I have ever seen. They also have hand made waffle cones, about the size of a pint glass.
I have to have one.
I think I chose a scoop of something like 'Moosey chocolate awesome' and another of 'butter, maple pecan yum'. I can't remember. Either way the serving lady, Patty, was taken by my British accent and I came out almost needing two hands to hold the ice cream!
It was delicious.
That lighthouse behind me is the fish market, and had I not eaten my own head-weight in ice cream I would have been tempted by the fish n chips there. I've got to say, there was some really good haddock and chips in most places along the East coast.
Ok, so on from food. The next roadside attraction to drag us away from our trip was an Antiquities store. There were three to be precise and I couldn't work out whether they were all owned by the same person or not. Either way I love to have a browse!
In the other one there was all manner of nick nacks and memorabilia. This advert reminded me of the piggums back home on Cinderhill Farm!
Oh to be a merry war lye hog!
And an exterior shot of the other shop with the truck wearing it's space saver spare wheel with pride!
Right, so that's brought us up to lunchtime. More tomorrow.

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