Monday, July 23, 2012

Canada Part 7- Oh no! Truro.

The plan had always been to head from Saint John across the Bay of Fundy to Digby on the ferry. This was a three hour trip and we got to go on a ferry. We had booked tickets, booked the B&B and were all set. Then we found out that the ferry had been pulled into dry dock for unscheduled repairs and all sailings were cancelled for a week.
Some frantic searching of various accommodation sites, some phone call for cancellation of the original B&B and for bookings of a new one and we were set. We said our farewells to new faces and friends, pointed the truck South East and set off into the rain.
It brightened up whilst we were driving, which was nice.
Here we are crossing the frontier...
Not too much else to say apart from oh yes, we had a puncture.
In the rain.
On a highway.
Just after a toll booth.
In one of the massive 275/60/20 tyres.
Late on a Sunday afternoon.
Bugger again.
After 5 minutes of panic as everything was shut and how do we deal with this, rationality settled in. There must be a spare tyre on the truck?
Hurrah there is, under the bed.
Hmm, there must be a toolkit?
Girlfriend finds it under the front passenger seat.
How do we get the wheel down from under the bed?
I ask several people and no one (including other Ram owners) know.
By luck a recovery driver pulls in to deal with another broken car, so I ask him.
After sorting his actual job out he shows me that several lengths of square tube click together and feed in through a little hole above the bumper and below the tailgate.
Here's a short video on how to do it...

Just in case you ever needed to know. It would have been helpful had there been a manual in the glovebox, but hey, we got sorted and were on our way again.
We got into Truro, our destination, around 5pm, met our new hosts Ann and Larry of Tulip and Thistle B&B and headed out for a meal to finish off the day.

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