Sunday, July 8, 2012

Canada part 3, farewell Toronto, hello Halifax

A short day in Toronto, and the hottest so far. With the mercury chasing 35'C we had a morning to spend before we flew across to Halifax for the next stage of the trip. What to do?
How about a trip on the ferry over to Toronto Island?
We buy our ticket and take our ride. As we pull out of dock the towers of the Financial District dominate the skyline first and then give in to the CN tower as we get further away from the city shore. Camera shutters rattle and iPhones submit synthesised shutter sounds as visual experiences are attempted to be documented.
Here is my attempt.
The island is a green relief from the city and we walk around and enjoy the slightly cooler feel that grass, trees and water cooled air.
Back across to the metropolis and the spotting of an interesting home made cargo bike.
Interesting stuff.
Back to the hotel, shower, then jump again on the excellent TTC to the airport. Smaller plane and we're over to Halifax. A great trip with probably the nicest person I met on the trip, Tim the bus driver, and we were into the second city of our journey.
A good burger and a couple of pints down by the water and that was another day done...

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