Thursday, August 2, 2012

Canada Part 8b- Cobequid Bay North Coast

Where were we? Ah yes, driving out and about.
After leaving the rather lovely Antiquities and tat shops we pressed on. It was one of those really rather lovely days when you have no schedule and the sun is shining.
Oh and you have a big black truck to go pretty much wherever. This means that when you spot a road sign stating the road off to the left is 'Beach Point' then you can flick the indicator on and potter on down the road and see if it goes to the beach.
I will admit, I did enjoy driving down these graded roads, and wished I had the Tenere in the back to pull out and blast long on. In it's absence though, 2 tons of Hemi powered blackness sufficed.
Sometimes the roads ended up going to a smaller trail that became someone's drive. Not somewhere we'd planned on going so reversing back out was needed.
Other times we found our way to the end of the road and to a beautiful vista.
Wandering down to the shore beyond the 'Road Closed' sign and we were rewarded with lovely views across the bay.
The rocks on the left form the bank defences, and the truck was parked up on top. This is the view from up there looking out.
We had a few cautious prods with our feet along the shore to see if we could walk out to the grass sections, but the mud was way too soft so it wasn't going to happen. Still, it was lovely to just sit there and soak up the breeze.
On from that point then. I think we managed maybe 5 miles before spotting another sign that looked inviting. Another left turn, and another graded dirt road to enjoy before we came out at Thomas' Cove. We parked up, sprayed ourselves liberally with bug repellent (Ahh Deet, the scent of summer in Canada) and checked out the map. Not wanting to do a long trek we plumped for the 600m trail that finished at the beach. First attempt heading through the forest resulted in (luckily) me nearly standing on a brown snake that slithered across the trail in front of me. The reason it was lucky is that my girlfriend has an intense phobia of snakes. So much so that when she asked why I had just exclaimed I had to reply that I had almost trod on a lizard. Even this was enough to prompt an about turn and for us to try the other way.
That we did and we were shortly on the shoreline again. This time instead of rocks we found plenty of washed up trees. Long perished and now slowly being turned into firewood by enterprising campers.
Another short walk back and forth and again time to soak up the susurrus before heading back up to the truck.
Hmm getting pretty hungry so it was decided we should press on for lunch as it was now getting close to 2pm. We decided on Diane's Clam Restaurant and after a short drive we were there.
I was getting really hungry now and ordered the largest hamburger with all the toppings and fries. My girlfriend was getting tires of fries (weirdo!) so ordered a flounder burger with mash and gravy. It was good, possibly the cheapest lunch we had, and delicious. Ok, we didn't have clams.
The clock was now at 3pm and we had to press back towards Truro to the garage to pick our fixed tyre up. Pulling in to the garage and we find out that the tyre is irrepairable. Bugger. Several plugs have been tried, but the cords within the tyre are damaged and the air is just whistling past.
So how much for a new one?
'Any part worns?' I ask hopefully, 'not here but I can call someone for you' comes Rods reply. After a short phone call we are heading out of town to a salvage yard where they have a tyre. We hand over the cash and throw the tyre back in the truck and head back to the garage. I've got to say at this point it's 5pm, and the garage closes at 5pm.
Back to the garage and the tyre is swapped over and holds air, hurrah. I back the truck up and the wheel is swapped over.

That's me being everso helpful sat on the spare.
By the time we were all wrapped up and done it was around 5:45. A massive thanks to Rod for staying open longer, finding a part worn and seeing us right.
We call by the liquor store and wander round for ages before deciding on a bottle of wine for the girlfriend and a couple of ales for me. Tonight we dine alfresco on pizza and booze sat upon our balcony.
We get the pizza from downtown Truro and in the car park is this lovely classic
I'm guessing it's a Studebaker, but could be wrong. There were no other markings for me to go from, but it was a lovely two door coupe.
So, greasy pizza and beer finish off the day.


  1. Just letting you know that i've been enjoying these tales, I did a similar trip out in that area in '05, but in a PT Criuser, and it's reminding my of a great couple of weeks filled with good company, cheap hotels and gorgeous vistas.

    btw it's a Studebaker Hawk.

  2. Cool, glad to hear. Got to say, the Ram was great value. Cost $300 CN for the week. Did about the same in fuel over 1400 km though!