Monday, July 23, 2012

Canada part 4- Halifax to Saint John

After a nice evening in Halifax with beer and burger the massive bed welcomed us. Next morning we headed out to find breakfast and found Steve-O-Reno's Cappuccino where a good breakfast of egg and cheese muffin was consumed by yours truly, along with a very tasty espresso. Take out snacks of cranberry scone and oatmeal and raisin cookie were also bought. I have to say that the scone was bloody amazing.
So, after a phonecall to Enterprise we were picked up and taken to the depot/location where we could pick our hire car up from. The reason we had to be picked up is that the airport had no cars suitable, and this location did.
What was so special about our hire car?


Ah I could feel my neck reddening already; 5.7l Hemi crew cab, rolling on 20s (more on them later), in black. It was great.
So off we drove North-Westerly in the sunshine. The scenery around the roads was lovely, rolling pine forests and long vistas.
We arrived in Saint John and found the hotel car park, but then struggled to find the hotel reception. After taking stairs and lifts we found ourselves someone to ask, who then directed us to a different set of lifts and eventually we found reception.
Who told us that we needed to use the two different lifts to gain access to our room, but that we were best to drive up to the 6th floor to get our luggage out and into our room.
So we found our way back down to our truck and proceeded to drive up. I wish I had filmed the drive through the car park. There are signs on the entrance indicating maximum clearance is 6'6". Well I knew the truck was less than that because I had seen my 6'4" girlfriend standing next to it. The thing is you never know if there are parts of the roof that will hang down a bit lower, like the lights for example. It was a bit sketchy driving up there, that's all I am saying. I kept feeling like I should duck for the ceiling.
So there we were, in Saint John.
We had gone over for a friend's wedding; Jen, whom my girlfriend befriended and studied with at UNB, and Jason whom we had not yet met. It was nice then to be invited to the post-rehearsal bbq down at an old farmhouse that the family owned and maintained.

It was lovely. Truly old, 1850 was the build date if I remember correctly. There were other parts of it that had been extended and built in more recent times; the kitchen for example in 1915. Inside it was bustling with artefacts that had accumulated over time. It was fascinating to read journals of the people that had lived there in 1923, just there on the shelves.
There were many things dotted around and all had a story behind them.
 Some of the rooms didn't have matching level floors, ceilings, doors or windows, but everything worked as it should, it just threw my balance completely out. I really liked this ageing carpet that was still grasping onto it's pattern.
Outside was one of three lakes dotted around the property on land that totalled 750 acres.
There is no sound, but if there was you'd be able to hear nothing other than the bullfrogs crooning and the mosquitos preparing to eat you.
A great spread of food was put on by Sheri, the groom's mother, and the groom (complete with broken leg) and his father took care of the bbq. The bride's father let off some fireworks towards the end of the night and it was a good way to see the Solstice.

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