Thursday, September 24, 2009

Childhood memories

Came across a few photos in an old AWoL mag-
I remember seeing the bike, a GPZ900 around my home town of Holbeach. Black, gold and grey I think. Great lines and so cool.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Naughty thoughts

Whilst waiting 5hours (!) for some steel for another project I had a little thought and wanted to try out a few things on SB#3. I was already using the SR500 tank that I'd reshaped underneath, so I wondered about the rest of the bodywork...

A few tweaks still needed but I was amazed that the SR tail and mudguard fitted on with no worries. I'm half tempted not to even paint the bike but run round with the scruffy Yam paint on confusing traditionalists.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Shed Brewed #3 coming along

After a bit of head scratching and navel gazing things are moving in the shed. The pile of parts is coming along and ideas are forming...

Ex- Hawk Kawasaki ZX10 BSB silencer

Old Raydot driving lamp-

Set of Ace Bars, with lengthened ends-

Random 1970s cafe racer seat unit, quite scabby. Will be cut down and sectioned-

Base painted frame and swingarm-

Old Yamaha SR500 tank-

FZR600 wheel, Hagon shock-

And testing to see how it could look...

I'm going to have to cut out the bottom of the tank and make a new one at the back. Might work. Or I might try the old Zed tank I remembered about this morning...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wise words

"Almost nobody fixes toasters. This is because a modern toaster is nearly impossible to fix, held together with little bendy tabs which break off if you bend them more than twice. The toaster manufacturer naturally expects that you will do the Right Thing - toss that dysfunctional item in the dump and buy a new one! All in all, the working toaster is a perfect symbol for modern utility in general ... glamourous and efficient!"
Norman White.
Strike a chord with any modern bike owners?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good stuff

Purchased a Tee from the excellent Church of Choppers and as well as the stickers I asked for, I got some extras as well. Love their stuff. Take time out to read it.

Pic taken at the Welsh Beer and Cheese festival at the also excellent Clytha Arms. 

Mixing pleasure with pleasure

Now that August is out the apples are beginning to fall. Best get that cider press made. 
Local steel stockholder delivers 3 metres of 50x50 3mm wall box and I get cutting. A chance to fire the TIG up as well. 

Need to source some wood for the cheese frames and then time to get pressing.