Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One off the list

Trying to do the little things that still need doing and take an unequal amount of time.
Tonight was fitting the median of the recommended jets and needles to the FCR carb for the DR for base settings.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Read my self-indulgent book!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


He'd had it for some time, but today the seat for the DR returned from Steve at Lucky7moto and very nice it is too.

He will see my business again. Great job Steve. Cheers. I suppose I had better get on with the bike now.

More Jawa

Some internet browsing has turned up a few Jawa scramblers, with a fetching red and silver colour scheme.

Also this cutaway of a Jawa single powered car-

How tidy is that?

Monday, August 16, 2010


Useful for directing things.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Right, I'm firing into the Jawa/MZ beastie I have and I need help and suggestions from the huge (yeah right) audience here.
Bit of history; the frame is a 1974 Jawa 350, with a home built cantilever swingarm working two Hagon shocks. Some would say very TZ, they would be slightly blind.
It currently haas Dunstall bodywork, which is being filed away for a future project.
Wheels are Suzuki GSX250, forks are Suzuki GT550. Bikini fairing is BMW R90, and is being removed.
Engine is MZ ETZ250.
Spannie is Yamaha YPVS.
Get the picture?

I want something with no frills, and plenty of fun. Able to do the commute and also piss about on lanes and tracks.
This is where people out there come in; I have access to a neat little MZ TS tank, and ideas about using a single seat squab with a steel rear guard, or maybe a fibreglass flat track seat unit tagged on the back. I need to source some bars from somewhere; anyone got any 7/8" cowhorns or good wide bars lurking?
Colours; there won't be any flake or candy, I'm thinking industrial finishes; grey, ivory, brown, or maybe something in CZ or Jawa (if anyone can point me onto them) racing colours?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A moan

Owning more than one bike is a good thing, my Dad once said that it was good to have a bike for each mood you had. The problem comes when one of those bikes stops working. If the bike is one that is used every day then the pressure is on to fix it and quickly. If it's one that is just an occasional indulgence then the pressure is off to fix it and it tends to be put towards one side.
Then you end up with nothing more than an ornament taking up space. I suppose this is just a prod to clear out the untouched bikes, or pull my finger out and fix them more.


I love my Speed Triple, I really do. Yet there are times when it drives me mad. Heading off to look at a couple of potential projects a month ago it died on me. Refused to start despite my best efforts so back home on a trailer. This canned the ideas of the projects, as the Triumph had become one again.
After trying the usual suspects on the T300 series; CDI, pick up coil, sidestand switch/relay and still drawing a blank and no spark I was getting a little frustrated. Checking through the loom for earth continuity for the 3rd/4th time I happened to brush a loop wire in the unused factory alarm connector.
It moved.
Broken wire.

Wire spliced, spark from the plugs. Bike running.
Some would think the story ends there, but being a Triumph it doesn't. Whilst parked up I noticed some fluid on the rear rim. The seals had gone on one of the pistons. That's fixed now as well.

This kinda brings me on to my next moan.