Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Turning 30 was haunting me for quite some time. Went out to the US for 12 days for it. 
Stayed in the MGM in LV for 5 days.

Got a hire car and drove up to Carmel in CA for the Laguna Seca round of MotoGP. The friday before 4th July and the roads were rammed. Not the greatest drive, but one of the longest- 580 miles. Tip; don't base your navigation on a hire car map. 

Laguna Seca was great, plenty of nice kit in the sellers area. Immediately I fell in lust with this VF750.

Just so cool.

Watched the GP on the sunday then drove back on monday to LV. Saw a thousand wind turbines. Lincolnshire has nothing on this lot...

Had the fuel light on through the Mojave desert and the air con switched off. Not the best time or place to run out of fuel. Made it to a fuel station with the needle on Empty. 
Back to LV and spend my birthday with some beers, then a breakfast with a 99c Bloody Mary. 
Back home to rain and a weekend of beer and steam.