Monday, July 23, 2012

Canada Part 5b- More Saint John!

So where were we? Right we are wandering the streets of Saint John, new Brunswick.
We wandered towards and into the market. Inside the market we found many glorious stalls, with the various scents of dulse, coffee, fruit and veg, meat, seafood, cooked foods and general people. I like markets.
 I indulged in a delightful coffee blend called Foghorn which served to perk me up somewhat, and bought a bag of Dusty Backpacker to bring home.

I also like books, I like to read books and I like what a book is. One of the market stalls was a bookstall, and the lady running it suggested we take a trip up to the shop. Well we did just that and although we had been forewarned about how lovely the door was, it was still pretty amazing to see.
 That's curved mahogany, with a curved window made up of leaded glass, in a curved alcove. It really was special. Inside the shop was floor to ceiling with old and really old, and even older books. Sadly nothing that too my fancy but still worth the visit.
So our first day in Saint John was coming to a close. The next day was the wedding.

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