Sunday, July 8, 2012

Canada Hols part 2- Niagara

Clichéd, one of the wonders of the world, a must see... All these things are spoken about Niagara Falls. My first words; Wow. As a Fenlander two things struck me. First off was the size, the second the noise.
Striking off the tourist things to do we took a trip on one of the Maid in the Mist boats. They give you a free recyclable plastic bag/poncho to put on. This is useful as you will see.
The boats set off from either side, we went from the Canadian side. We passed the American Falls, a rocky toothy spray bound menace that leers at you from the side as you close on it.
Note the spray starting to form on the lens, it's only going to get worse.
Next up is the Horseshoe Falls. That plastic poncho comes into it's own as the spray and mist really belts at you as a phenomenal reminder of the power of the water.
The next photo is taken from under the poncho.
Holding station close to the Horseshoe Falls we were battered by the airbound water. So much noise and intensity consumes you.
We return back to the jetty and disembark. After a little lie down in the park for some rest we decide to walk over to another country.
The United States of America.
Totally different to the Canadian side. In a strange twist of sterotype the American side is actually more natural and less fucked up and touristy.
We walk around to both falls, taking in the sheer amount of flow coming from the river. There are plaques telling you the quantities but the numbers are incomprehensible.
If anything this is the point where you realise just how powerful the three falls are.

There is so much water and noise. Reaffirms your place in the grand scheme of things. A great day out.

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