Friday, August 24, 2012

Bloody chuffed

Popped my century cherry today on the push bike. 103miles. Under my own steam.
The last 30 were pretty horrid as the rain fell and the wind was into my face.
I didn't take any pictures of my fishcake and chip lunch in Hereford, nor of the roadworks on the A40 which were a contraflow nightmare.
I did snap my Rocky road and coffee break at Tintern Old Station though-

Which was very lovely and very needed. The nice lass there let me fill my water bottle from the tap too.
Next up is somewhere near the fantastically named Bully Hole Bottom. The rain is falling and the yummy rocky road is wearing off at this point.
 Finally home, and 164.5km reading on the odometer. Very pleased with myself.
Now the lovely girlfriend is making a pot of chili and I have bathed, drunk tea and eaten cake and will be wolfing down a vast portion of said chili shortly. Om Nom.

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