Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quiet Time

A Mid Wales meeting meant I was going to be heading home past Nant yr Arian, probably my favourite trail centre. I had cunningly loaded the bike in the car for the trip up and back and so as I pulled in to the centre I was pleased to see it was still open and I could get a quick short lap in. I had the hills to myself it seemed and with this in mind I had a reasonably gentle pedal around. Last time I visited I managed to launch myself along the scenery at a reasonable rate and had to be patched back up. Gently does it then. The views were still stunning and it was great to be out and in the scenery.

I have to also add that on the way up I passed the stunning Llyn Clywedog and had to stop to admire the view.

The mountain road was also worth the drive.

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