Friday, February 4, 2011


I have very few photos of my parents, my dad died in 1998, but I do have pics of some of their bikes.
Mum's VFR400K NC21, this bike was crashed by me twice; once on a mud covered bend out the back of Holbeach, and then written off when a rover 416 pulled out on me in Whaplode.
Dad's born-again bike; EX500A1, in proper kwak colours. I used to bug him to take me to school on it.
Dad's tinkering bike; Yamaha TR1, as he got it, with tasteful fogging paint and yellow calipers. My RM80. Notice the missing handguard as I'd binned it, again.
The TR1 again, part way through being made more tasteful. Anthracite paint, R90 fairing gone. This was as far as it got before he died.

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