Thursday, February 24, 2011

More ped

Well I might as well carry on.
Competition being what it is we wanted more speed. More parts were purchased, including a larger carb (19mm), reeds, rollers and different springs. We also changed from a pod air filter to a composite affair (using slug pellet tubs) that allowed us three external filters to fit over the pod filter. Wittering was a dusty track to race at and power losses due to clogged air filters were common. With our three filters we were able to quickly spin on a fresh filter, clean the dirty one, and have a third drying and ready to go.
Testing was undertaken in a local field with a scrap find C90 for comparison.

Observe the wheels still in pre-race colours, and the foam bar pad. Other changes were a respray in silver flake with candy green over the top, and daytona yellow details. The seat material was changed form the outrageous poodle fur, to black faux crocodile skin vinyl.
Testing was positive after we had played about with jetting adjustments, and the ped was faster than the C90.
Finally we were all ready to go

Notice the mudguard detail with direction of travel arrow, and tasteful green handgrips.
Either Jay or I, I think it was me, had made a paddock stand as well, and come race day we were good to go.

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