Thursday, February 24, 2011

More good times

Just had a couple of pics emailed to me by my good friend Lil. Must be 3 years ago at least when we entered the RAF Wittering Supermotoped 6 hour endurance race.
Managed to source a crashed Malaguti Phantom 50cc ped, and then over the course of the weekend transformed it into a racer.
As it arrived, check that fork angle-

And after a coupe of days of beer fuelled cutting, welding and painting

Notice the classy lace job, the fine faux-poodle fur seat, the frame bracing and the lack of extraneous parts. At this stage the only tuning was the spannie and silencer that it came with. With yours truly on board (far right) it would just nudge 55kph.
Phil (far left) took it back from Wales to the Fens in the back of his Citroen ZX, and Jay then straightened the bent fork leg and began the tuning. This was the first incarnation of the mighty ped so it only had the carb upsized to a 15mm from 12mm, rollers changed, clutch/hub springs changed/uprated. Think we placed 13th overall, despite me crashing 2 or 3 times.

Pics from Steve Gower.

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