Monday, February 14, 2011

Dragon Rally 2011

Just a few words on this years, the 50th, Dragon Rally.
Was really a chance to try and beat some demons, a 50% success rate.
Small victories.
Ride up Friday with Dave and Al, taking the roads less travelled.
Friday night in Dolgellau with chums, in the rain. Saturday via Blaenau Ffestiniog for breakfast with a bold ice cream shop next door.
Onto the rather swamp like site from there. Spend the afternoon/evening wandering around snapping photos and meeting up with old acquaintances.

Have an anxiety attack and make the stupid decision to ride home at 2230, seemed the only way to deal with it. Tank just under half full on the Ten. No petrol stations open on the A470 overnight it seems and the weather is cold and wet. Empty third of a litre of petrol from my stove into the tank around Newbridge on Wye. Get home 47 miles into reserve at 2am, with, based on previous run-dry tests, 3 miles left in there. Now that's how to focus your anxiety.


  1. I was there too, though my Cub was trailered in by a Harley for the last fifteen miles or so and I had to get the AA to take me home on Sunday!

    As I suffer from random anxiety myself, I have a fair idea how you must have felt. For myself, I'd roll up in my bag, shove in the earplugs and hope for the best, but we all cope in different ways...

    It really was like the Somme in places, wasn't it?

  2. Honda or Triumph Cub? There were some daring fellows on Honda/Jialing cubs frolicking in the swamp below our outcrop camp.
    I should've done as you suggest, but sometimes not doing anything isn't the doing that needs doing, if that makes sense?

  3. Honda Cub parked next to a Harley with a trailer with a Jack Daniels cover by any chance?