Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting 'cross in Herefordshire

Second cyclocross race of the year for me today, and what a change in course to the previous leisure centre field slog of Brecon. The course picked through the woods of Mansell Lacy, with a couple of streams thrown in as well as three hurdles. A great mix of concrete access roads, rooty singletrack and muddy grass. I was in a better frame of mind this time and it felt good. Hard, but good.
A few pictures then.
First off cutting through the trees, I managed to avoid all of them, so my target fixation is getting better. I didn't want a repeat of the April tree visitation that left me with a broken finger. The first stream. This one had to be dismounted for and leapt across. As the race went on feet went further into the mud on the landing bank, then a scramble up the slope and remount.

From there the course wound back through more trees before another dismount due to a concrete plinth. Then a faster open section before another stream crossing, though this one was rideable.
Coming out of the other side through the gloop meant effort, and that meant angry face
Honestly, I'm a very placid person.
Soon the final lap bell was heard tolling and the wick was turned up a little. Of course that meant on the final stream crossing I got stuck, my chain came off and I had to run whilst trying to get it back on. Typical. Calm head, son.
It was muddy, it was enjoyable and roll on next weekend at Pembrey.
Brilliant, and I have to say a great big thank you to my race mum Michelle who took photos, cheered, and provided food. Thanks.

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