Monday, October 29, 2012

Cropping chilis

It's started to cool off now and after losing a chunk of chilis last year to a frost I'm taking no chances this year. Some plants have yielded more than others.
From top right and going clockwise- Cayenne Slim, late start and plants remained leggy with few fruits. Won't bother next year. Black Scorpion Tongue, good plant growth, and still the same again left on it. Will see how they ripen as they should be hot. Bolivian Bumpy, best plant of the year with good growth and plenty of fruit, unsure as yet as to heat levels. (at top) Fish Pepper, same as Cayenne Slim in growth, unless the fruits are anything special I won't bother again. In the centre are Sweet Banana Peppers, a surprise this year as these shown were a late crop after the plant had already yielded around a third of a pound. Delicious pickled.
So these are all now washed and will be ripened inside before I probably pickle, chutney and jam them, advantageous curries and chilis notwithstanding.

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