Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fork Handles

Handles for forks.
I'd snapped mine on my inherited (from my Grandpa) fork a while back, and it was somewhat annoying gardening without a good fork.
A year and a bit back I'd also cut the twisted willow in the front back and had a large staff sized piece seasoning in the greenhouse. I took advantage of the sunny afternoon to crack on with the job and so armed with a small wood saw (out of shot) a billhook and my penknife I set to the piece of willow.
The small piece to the left was cut from the bottom and would become the handle. The bark was nicely dry as you can see. So, after a good while of using the billhook as a drawknife I had a length of willow clean and free of bark.
Next up was to saw the top (large) end back to roughly the right diameter for the handle and then mark up what needed rebating so the handle would fit nicely. I also cut down the handle length, shaved and trimmed it to fit in the rebate.
At the end of the day, after a quick scrubbing over with some scotchbrite the fork looked like this-
I've collected up the shavings and cut offs to have a small fire with, and I shall use that fire to heat the fork lower up to form around the slightly bendy bottom end of the handle. For that though I shall have to wait for the neighbours to get the washing in!

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  1. Looks great, Tom :-)

    Hope it gives you years of faithful service and great pleasure to use... as well as some productive vegetable patches!