Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ridng the rapids(ish)

A chance alignment of leave and work areas meant my good mate Jay was down this way recently. The plan had been to ride up in the Black Mountains, but the weather had other plans and minimal visibility meant a run out through the local trails was decided upon instead.
This meant I got to show Jay the joys of old bridleways that follow streams and rivers.

The thing about riding with someone else is that you don't mind if you cock stuff up as there's someone there to fix you up if needed. It also means that you spur each other on to try stuff. Jay decided to try the river crossing, and the first run didn't go maybe as well as hoped. Just as well he'd taken his outer layers off so they were dry to put on after.

That was enough for me to have a crack at it, and after following Jay's example and leaving my top and gloves safe and dry I set off. I didn't go down, but did do a big enough dab to get a bootful of water. Ah well. Still a bloody good laugh trying.

Jay had a second run and managed it without getting another soaking.

It's good to have mates to drag you along. Cheers Jay.

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