Sunday, March 4, 2012

Manual Labour!

Also known as sissy soft hands!
I spent an afternoon up on my friend's farm in Forest of Dean. As part of the visit I took along my axes and saws as I'd offered a while back to fell a dead Bramley apple tree for them. The pigs (Saddlebacks) had been in the area for some time but were now in another field, and the ground had dried enough to be safe underfoot.

So there was axe swinging and saw sawing, and after a couple of hours the tree gave a groan and went down. It was quite an easy fell as the ground sloped down and the tree had been dead for some time.
As predicted my sissy soft hands which haven't seen manual labour for some time were blistered and raw. Hey ho, they'll callous up again soon. A pint of local Cider was consumed in celebration.
Oh and here are some happy pigs

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