Friday, November 1, 2013

Is it what it is or what it embodies?

I saw a somewhat tongue-in-cheek video the other day and one of the things it brought up was the idea of a 'coffee-snob'. The thing with snobbery is I always wonder where it begins; is it the true snob, that person who is convinced they are always above everyone else and the snobbery comes from a consumption based arrogance borne out of many years? Or is it the reverse; the belief that because that which is being consumed is out of reach and therefore the consumee is a snob for having? I suppose this could descend into a muse on the economics of society and the post-modern economic crisis but I've not got the energy for that today.
Instead I'll just say I've had a really rather nice cup of Hands-on Coffee's Lusty Glaze Espresso
and you know what, if you enjoy something and search out that enjoyment, it doesn't mean you're a snob just that you might value what you put your time to.  Cup by Vladimir Rachev

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