Thursday, October 17, 2013


I am a shit patient.
I hate to be stuck in.
I hate to be limited by my body.
This is going to be a navel-gazing wallow of ineptitude and frustration.
October 2013- car crash, Peterborough City Hospital, hairline fracture to pelvis and ribs.
May 2013- cycle crash, Manacor hospital Mallorca, Grade 2 dislocation AC joint and bloodied knees and hands.
April 2013- Slipped ratchet, Nevill Hall hospital Abergavenny, tuft fracture to ring finger, nail loss, end of finger sewn back on.
That's just this year. I'm fed up. It comes to something when your mother and your friends suggest you writing a scrapbook of all the hospitals visited and injuries sustained.

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