Saturday, June 29, 2013

A trip to the seaside!

Ice cream and chips followed but in order to earn them I had a couple of hours pedalling around the Oxwich area of Gower on the cyclocross bike. There was also some walking up hills shouldering the bike. Still need to get my hill running/walking improved!
Anyway, some photos.
Sea Holly (I think)
Notice the loose sand in the background. An absolute git to pedal through.
From in the dunes I then went onto the sand of the beach itself to try and make better progress.
The sweet spot seemed to be just in from the water, where the sand was damp and heavy but not too wet that you sank into it. It was still a chore to pedal on though.
I went the length of the beach and then paused for some jelly babies.
From there it was bike on shoulder and up the rocky climb from the beach to the roads.
Another rocky pedal climb made me wish for a 34 front ring instead of the 36 but we powered on through. Some roads after that and a little more off road before calling it a day.

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