Monday, March 11, 2013

The three month wait

Last year the decision was made to go titanium for a road bike. I wasn't gelling with my carbon bike. Don't get me wrong it is light, efficient and very effective but there doesn't feel like there is a connection to it. After quite a lot of thinking, and searching, and more thinking, and speaking to people, and riding bikes I settled for a Burls. Although Justin Burls is based in the UK, Essex to be precise, the titanium frames are made by a small (4-5 men) team in Russia. Ex-Colnago pedigree.
Justin was a nice, affable guy to deal with and the email string demonstrates his patience! My order was placed early in December and the wait began. After some hold ups due to Russian customs and UPS I was told the frame was on it's way at the mid-end of February. It arrived with me last week, having come via Justin for quality checking and final touches such as head badge and decals.
So, here it is.

Weight according to my scales is 1547g
It is currently with a guy I know who does signwriting, to have some brush strokes applied to it, then I can build it up. Pictures to follow once complete.

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