Saturday, March 2, 2013

Boneshaker #11 Launch night

I spotted on the Boneshaker Blog that there was going to be a launch for issue 11 of their fine magazine just over the water at the Bristol Bike Project. As chance would have it I was supposed to be over there for a meal and drinks with some friends. Hurrah convenience.
I scoffed some lovely pizza and then walked out across the city to Stokes Croft to find the Bike Project. Heading down City Road I could smell fire and sure enough there was a welcome blaze in a front mounted bike basket just outside the Project's doors. Inside the rooms were lit by LED strips and the pooling light from the cinema screen. With the electricity being hummingly provided through human effort on the Cycletricity bikes that were running the show.
There were four bikes being used; a hybrid, a polo bike, a mountain bike and a tall bike.
At one point the tall bike had some candles pleasingly inserted and lit for additional light-

As time went on I took my turn on the mountain bike and can only say that it was like a turbo session, only more cramped due to the tiny bike size :-D
I had a bit more of wander round after finding the loo to wash the sweat off and bought a lovely tee shirt before heading back to the friends. A nice night.
Oh and I spotted these knitted bangers in the window of Blaze Studio as I headed back-

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