Friday, February 15, 2013

Where do good pigs go?

You may, or may not, remember that I had two rare breed Saddleback pigs up on my friends farm; Cinderhill Farm. They were called Genghis and Aristotle.
Well the time came for them to go to the piggy seaside after seven months of living the life of Riley on the hillside. They went to separate butchers as they were different statures. Aristotle (a meat pig) went to my local butcher, Neil Lewis and in return I got some cracking joints, plain sausages made to his award wining recipe, faggots, diced casserole meat and a middle side being cured for bacon.
Genghis (a bacon pig) went to a chap called Gerald who does a lot of curing. I received close to 50lb of lincolnshire sausages, offal, bacon and some lovely hams, including this absolute gem.
That's for a special occasion.
Here's some bacon;
and lurking at the bottom of that box was this beautiful side that I'm going to cold smoke.
I am so pleased with how the pigs turned out. The meat is delicious and for those that will look at the bacon and wince thinking it will be fatty, I can assure you that all the lovely flavour from that band of fat melts into the meat and the result is truly outstanding. I have eaten a lot of bacon and sausages and modesty be damned, this is the best I've tasted.
If you want to know exactly where your meat comes from and how it is treated then speak to Neil or Debs at Cinderhill.

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