Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Boots!

I'm not one for posts about fashion, just as well given my general lack of taste, but well, after about 16 months of searching, weighing up options, speaking to manufacturers, trying boots on, then 2 months of waiting for the chosen pair to arrive I finally have some new boots, and I'm bloody chuffed.
(drum roll)
A pair of Cheaney Tweed C's. Lovely large-punch brogue design with intricate embellishment on the toe. Commando sole (as denoted by the 'C') and calfskin lined. Most importantly, all made in England (Northampton to be precise). These shall be a pair to cherish.


  1. More than a year in, How are these holding up? I am considering a pair.

  2. More than a year into this, how are the boots holding up? I am considering a pair but not sure about the leather quality.

  3. Hi Mike they're doing really well. The leather has become more supple. One of the shops near me in Cardiff had them for the knockdown price of £195 a pair! I use the Cheaney polish but I find it a bit dry.