Thursday, August 5, 2010


Right, I'm firing into the Jawa/MZ beastie I have and I need help and suggestions from the huge (yeah right) audience here.
Bit of history; the frame is a 1974 Jawa 350, with a home built cantilever swingarm working two Hagon shocks. Some would say very TZ, they would be slightly blind.
It currently haas Dunstall bodywork, which is being filed away for a future project.
Wheels are Suzuki GSX250, forks are Suzuki GT550. Bikini fairing is BMW R90, and is being removed.
Engine is MZ ETZ250.
Spannie is Yamaha YPVS.
Get the picture?

I want something with no frills, and plenty of fun. Able to do the commute and also piss about on lanes and tracks.
This is where people out there come in; I have access to a neat little MZ TS tank, and ideas about using a single seat squab with a steel rear guard, or maybe a fibreglass flat track seat unit tagged on the back. I need to source some bars from somewhere; anyone got any 7/8" cowhorns or good wide bars lurking?
Colours; there won't be any flake or candy, I'm thinking industrial finishes; grey, ivory, brown, or maybe something in CZ or Jawa (if anyone can point me onto them) racing colours?


  1. Paint it a sedate colour, single seat, round headlamp, id kind of look towards the smaller end of the scale, this would match well with a discrete tacho/speedo, flicking through Classicbike the other day and the shape of a bantom speedo has stuck as it is just so damn basic.
    which from what you have posted is one of the main targets "fun and basic"

    /end ramble

  2. That photo confused the fuck out of me till I realised it was leaning on the GPZ.