Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I love my Speed Triple, I really do. Yet there are times when it drives me mad. Heading off to look at a couple of potential projects a month ago it died on me. Refused to start despite my best efforts so back home on a trailer. This canned the ideas of the projects, as the Triumph had become one again.
After trying the usual suspects on the T300 series; CDI, pick up coil, sidestand switch/relay and still drawing a blank and no spark I was getting a little frustrated. Checking through the loom for earth continuity for the 3rd/4th time I happened to brush a loop wire in the unused factory alarm connector.
It moved.
Broken wire.

Wire spliced, spark from the plugs. Bike running.
Some would think the story ends there, but being a Triumph it doesn't. Whilst parked up I noticed some fluid on the rear rim. The seals had gone on one of the pistons. That's fixed now as well.

This kinda brings me on to my next moan.

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