Friday, June 11, 2010

Way back when...

I was a teenage hoodlum in 1999 I built this-

I'd inherited the bike when my Dad had died a year earlier. When he had it it was a relatively clean Yamaha TR1, but he'd already bought the FZR600 wheels and worked out that it needed TZR125 discs for the front wheel to fit into the TR1 calipers and forks. The tank came from Newark autojumble and cost me a stonking £17, and I still have it. The seat is a spare from a CB250RS I had.
The exhaust was my first attempt at making one, before I knew about pre-drawn bends. The engine had been to Edgar Hedley, who was competing a very quick TR1 in Supertwins at the time. The heads were ported and flowed, the carbs were flowed to each head, the cams were Megacycle, the bores were 1st oversize with the pistons ceramic coated, the barrels ad heads were teflon coated, the rods were balanced and polished, and it made a big difference. With changed gearing the bike would pull 140mph.
It's currently in the back of the shed, on the list to be worked on when I've got a few others out of the way. I'm looking forward to it.

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  1. Wow! Hi! I came across this after googling Edgars name, as a youth i would read my dads AWOl magazines that regulary featured the Supertwins race series, Edgars Tr1 dragbike left a huge impression on me. At present im slowly putting together a gpz1100 chop/dragbike, but my heart is always drawn to building a Tr1 dragbike, seriously if your ever interested in selling id be hugely interested.