Monday, June 28, 2010


Having a clear out of one of my draws and found a load of old pics, including some I thought I'd lost. It was really good to find old memories. Prepare for a few old shots to appear. This is a few of my bikes from growing up.

The RM80 Big Wheel was my first bike, bought at 14 with tips from my paper round. £80 i paid for it as a non runner. After some (a lot) of help from my Dad it was a runner again, and I used to tear up and down the lanes and railway track between Holbeach and Gedney.

The TS125ERN was my first road bike. Bought in a working, but rough, state when I was 16, Dad helped me again to get is a bit tidier. He painted the tank, I did a lot of the cleaning and engine painting. It ended up having a new Gianelli expansion chamber and DEP silencer fitted, as well as a new seat cover after this pic. It was a cracking bike.

The CB250 was built for the Horncastle Youth Bike show, and I got a 2nd place trophy for the paint which I was well chuffed with.

The TR1 can be seen mid-build between the orange paint job seen in a few previous posts, and the green paint in the next one.

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