Sunday, May 26, 2013

Breaking the silence

I realise it's been quite a while since I updated. Mostly that has been due to injury and a little due to being internet free whilst building work took place. This is being written perched on a stool with my back to a bare plaster wall and a shell of two rooms into one in front of me.
Well it's been a busy time and some of the pictures following you may want to skip.
First off I managed to make a mess of my finger whilst working on the little van o'spaz. The caliper bolt came loose quicker than expected which resulted in my ring finger being trapped between the ratchet and the lower wishbone of the car with some force.
Enough force to break the finger, remove the nail and slice the tip of my finger from left to right through the nail bed.
Yes it hurt. You can see where the nail is trying to hold on at the tip there.
The hospital kindly cut the nail off, cleaned it and then sewed it back over the now sewn back up and attached bit of finger.
Ta da!

Yes it hurt, and still does though with at strange feeling that comes from nerve damage; the pain is inside my finger but I can't feel the rest.
Onwards then...

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