Saturday, April 13, 2013


My troubles weren't all so far away but it was close.
A good morning followed by an afternoon burning off calories.
Up on top of the hills over Monmouth it felt like Spring had actually come to visit.
The descent to Monmouth and then a café was swift and pleasant. Dry roads and smooth tarmac were a pleasure to feel under the wheels as the bike hummed and whirred.
Splitting off from my companion, Pete and taking the hilly route home there was one of those utterly placid moments where to have continued would have been wrong.

Contemplating the road climbing ahead, watching the farmer two fields across watching his horses and listening to the wind gently tapping at metal signs in the garage by the roadside I mulled over things in my head. I don't know as I resolved any of them but it felt a good thing to do. That cloud bank slowly drifted in and I set off up the hill.

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