Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow days and singlespeeds

It's been snowing. I doubt you've missed it. First off walking back from the pub there was a family of snowmen, great to see although judging from the relative amount of snow on their lawn they must have been gathering snow from everywhere.
I thought they were brilliant.
Today dawned and although there no more snow had fallen none of it had really gone away. I really wanted to go for a pedal so got the time late this afternoon and got the singlespeed out.
Only went out for an hour and a half but it was good to do.
The bridleways were a mix of mud and snow were bikes had already been down and back up them. I'll be honest, I had to push part of this going back up after it came to a dead end. The biggest bugbear of the whole ride was the clips getting frozen with ice and then being unable to clip back in. Grr.
Back up from that bridleway and the road was a mix of snow, compacted snow and ice. Predictably just as I was thinking how well it was going...
Slip, slide and roll...
Ah well. Pick up and carry on.
The view from the top was rather lovely, the mountain (it's not really a mountain) was shrouded in clouds.
Back on. Along the road a little and then into another section of woodland before climbing back up into the final section. The light was coming back in there was still some pedalling to be done. After a last hurtle downhill that was it for the woods.
A steep climb back up to the village and job done. It was good to get out.

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