Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baby you're so Buglelicious

A good day of sorting out push bikes today. I've never really gelled with the full suspension Stumpjumper so that was pulled apart to sell (shout if you're interested, £200 for frame and shock) and the wheels, with the addition of a singlespeed convertor found their way onto the Reynolds 853 framed Inbred.
I also wanted to try some new bars, the marvellously named Humpert Space Bugle's.
Of course with some rubberised cork grips they matched the old brown vinyl saddle perfectly, so I removed that and the post and fitted a slightly more comfortable carbon fibre post and Ti-railed palomino saddle. Huzzah!

Gearing is 32/17 so 1:1.88 as there are a few stonking hills around here and I rather be pedalling than walking. We'll see how it goes.

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