Thursday, September 20, 2012


On the final day of our Canadian jolly I stopped the truck at the side of the road opposite Halifax Cycle Gallery to dive in and see what loveliness they had on display. Truth was I was drawn by the tandems outside, unfortunately it was too late in the day for us to rent one.
Anyway whilst in there getting a souvenir tee shirt I spied some copies of Boneshaker magazine on the counter, and I'd not seen it before so grabbed issues 3 and 4, along with the tee and a snazzy magnetic business card, which I think is genius but will probably kill your bank cards.
I was eager to read the magazines but such was time and travels that it wasn't until I got home that I was able. I wanted to know where the magazine came from, and if I would be able to get it over here in the UK.
Surprise Surprise then when I found it was produced in Bristol, just over the frontier...
Even more of a surprise was an article in one of the issues I had bought covering Nick Hand's trip Slowcoast. I'd not long read about this in the book I mentioned a month ago, One Man and His Bike, and here was an article on it.
Further perusal was necessary so I went onto the Boneshaker site to find out. There was the book for sale along with more copies of the mag. So I purchased a few.
The book arrived and is almost to lovingly presented to open.

The other issues arrived also.
Whilst on the boneshaker blog I was interested in a post on photography, and even more so when reading that the trigger had been a photographer by the name of Mike Lusmore whose name I remembered as he was/is friends with my girlfriend's brother.
Sometimes it's a bloody small world.

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