Thursday, July 14, 2011


A good evening. First off I shaped the exhaust hanger I'd made to allow the silencer a better sitting position. Use of the blowtorch and some pipe for leverage left me with two nice curves.
A bit of scotchbriting later and it was on the bike along with the strap I made to replace the gaudy tinfoil thing that ebay turned up.
Then it was a case of on with the new stainless steel chain snails, courtesy of Hessler Rallye Team from Germany. Also got the new Renthal chain fitted, and the run is perfect. Phew!
A bit of a conundrum; kevlar Renthal grips that compliment the olde English white paint (LHS) or Biltwell Kung Fu's that suit the style of the bike and go more with the saddle? Thoughts anyone?

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