Monday, May 2, 2011


Got bitten four times last Thursday by some unknown flies. Don't think they were horseflies as I didn't feel it. Either that or my legs were still a bit duff from nettle stings incurred whilst singletracking. Anyway come Friday afternoon the swelling had started and I was feeling a bit rough. Saturday morning, after a rough night I was feeling worse. Ended up seeing emergency GP and got diagnosis of Cellulitis. Cue antibiotics and much co-codamol. Saturday night I was running a fever and had that delightful feeling of sweating like a whore in church whilst shivering so hard the bed was rattling.
Slowly feeling better but it put the kybosh on a few plans.
Bastard flies


  1. I had the same. Two on my legs. Came up, all itchy.
    Hey, are you coming to Oxford for the night or the race?

  2. Trying to work out how it'll be on Thurs. Leg was swollen and foot full of pins and needles last night. Very tempted though.