Monday, October 11, 2010

Dossing in the Dales

Took a little run up to the Russian Bike Owner's October rally held in Dent. Weather was good, if a little windy, and I only rode up there for the Saturday night.
Run up was nothing special; usual route of A49/M6 then I headed off to Gargrave via Clitheroe. Reason being I wanted an ice cream and some sweets from the Dalesman Cafe there.

Post ice cream it was up to Malham and past the Tarn

before dropping down to Stainforth and up past the Ribblehead viaduct before taking the Cowgill road into Dent and passing under the Dent viaduct.

Tipi up and had a good nose about the site. Populated by a lot of GS's this year. Some nice Russian/Eastern Bloc stuff in evidence.
Floral MZ tank art, contrasted nicely with the NATO green bike.

Daihatsu Turbo Diesel engined Cossack-

Right hand side chair means 2wheel drive. Shark mouth is pure decadence

Ariel Leader sounded really clean and crisp when it came in, thankfully it stayed upright through the night despite the wind-

Down to the Sun Inn for vittles in the evening.

I was awake before even the sparrows were farting, so packed the Tipi down and departed before half seven. I rode with the breaking dawn on my own until the sun ghosted the sky around Burrow.
After that it was a steady run back, with a bit of dicing with a pair of Guzzis and a new VMax for part of the homeward stretch. Jolly good fun.


  1. How lucky were you? Cumbria, in October, on a bike and no rain... looks like you had a great time though. I was hoping to get over myself but I was working over the weekend, boo hoo.

  2. What we lacked in rain was made up for in wind.
    Boo hoo indeed.