Monday, March 29, 2010

Failure and grasping

It's funny how best laid plans, or even semi laid plans, can go completely awry. I was supposed to be away for a week travelling around parts of the Continent, but my body had other plans, and beat me down with whatever is causing me loads of gut problems on the way to the ferry. Thanks to kindness on the part of friends (thanks Debs and Neil) I ended up in Eynsham for a couple of days recovering after keeling over at petrol station just outside there on the saturday.
Sunday afternoon saw me well enough to go on a short trip to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. Well worth a trip and a good look around. All sorts of anthropological and ethnographical delights lie within. This print is recent, but the stuff on display was mind blowing.

Retuning home on the monday wasn't pleasant, but a relief to be back. Tuesday saw a short trip to Cardiff to look at pushcycles for work, as part of cyclescheme. Just down the road was Clarks Pies. A proper pie shop. Choice of small or large pies, or a pasty. Filling was mince beef and onion, and you could have them hot or cold. Very good they were too. If ever you're along the Cowbridge Road east, have a pie.

Thursday saw a trip to Bath to relax in a Spa. It was ok, but I think I picked up a cold there as I've been full of snot since. Bath itself was a little damp and miserable too, and the weir was in full flow.

I did wonder if you could tube it down there? I also found a pig statue, and as I love pigs, I rode it. It was a good pig, I'd quite like one for the garden. A real one would be better, but sadly a lack of livestock licensing precludes that.

Strange week.

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  1. sorry to hear it didn't quite go as planned, but at least you got to see a few sights.
    These pigs are my local livestock: