Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Giving in..

Since I had the Speed Triple I've had a tin of Massey Ferguson Stoneleigh grey paint in the cupboard. The Trumpet was going to be painted in it, but I changed my mind and so the tin has stayed in the back of the cupboard since. It came out recently to paint my cider press frame, and has sat on the bench taunting me since.
It was no good, I wanted to see how it would look.
I decided to brush it on and then give it a bloody good cut and buff once the paint has cured.

Having used it before, I know it dries off darker, and I can't wait. The ideas have changed a little (again) for the bike, and post chrimble I shall be looking around for some more parts.


  1. whats the paint? is it a 2k or something else petrol proof?

  2. I'll have to have a check. It's an enamel. I bought it ages ago, and subsequently bought some renault browns too. It's sold by cjsparesltd on ebay. Supposed to be diesel proof/weather resistant.

  3. sounds interesting - may be worth a go on the now to be z1000 snowbike

  4. It finishes quite nice straight from the brush, so I expect it to come out pretty crisp after a cut and buff. Trying to decide what secondary colour to apply; orange, blue or red...