Thursday, November 5, 2009


With things in limbo on SB#3 I've been doing a bit of fettling on the Tenere. Having sold the Leo Vince silencers I decided to go back to my original plan of a single silencer for less weight, and also to potentially have a second dummy silencer for tool storage etc.
I like Supertrapps, I've used them on my Speed Triple, SB#3 had one on, the Flat Bastard (SB#1) had discs on the end, my old DR-moto had a White Bros E-series silencer... all using the same disc technology. Plus dibble can't poke things down it to see if you've got a baffle in or not...
So I sized up and set to one of the pair of old Micron aluminium race silencers I had in the shed.
The old outlet spout was removed; first I drilled the rivets out, then I wiggled it, then I hammered it, then I cut if off.

After smoothing the cut back I test fitted the outlet, flipped, to the silencer. Bit more cutting needed on the perforated tube...

A bit more wiggling and then it was time to test the supertrapp end plates.

Looks like they should fit in snug, don't worry that's not how it'll look finally. more work to be done and the silencers will probably be finished in black with polished end caps.

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