Monday, October 12, 2009


Sucks a fat one. You'd think after all these years and 9 crashes I would have learnt something? Apparently not. I used my Tenere to perforate a hedge yesterday in the wet. Could've been worse, could also have been better.

The bike is better off than me, and most parts were hammered straight yesterday afternoon whilst I cruised on the adrenaline highway. A big "fuck you" to the four bikes that rode past whilst I was picking myself and the bike up. Thanks to the old dude in the van who stopped the traffic (it's a left-right blind section) and made sure things were working.


  1. the other bikes probably saw you taking a photo of the hedge so assumed you were looking for wildlife in the undergrowth.

    hope you arent too badly beaten up

  2. stick to the bikes and leave the topiary to the green thumbs.
    Hope you're ok.

  3. A clear sign of being a false biker is not crashing, it's passing by a crash w/o stopping. BOOO! Heal fast.

  4. Cheers all. Things are aching today and I've worked out why I crashed, so I guess it's not all bad.