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Sunday, November 18, 2012

On top of the world

A good pedal this morning. Opting to turn left instead of right at Crickhowell I tackled Mynydd Llangattwg.
It's always a little daunting when you can see that where you want to be is considerably higher than where you are. Just sit and pedal, I kept telling myself.
After what seemed like an age, and after passing a shooting party I rounded the corner of the junction with very little air left in my lungs. A sheep regarded me for the fool I am.
Still more climbing to go.
After rounding a corner I could see there was no more hill to climb and shortly found myself at the summit. Where actually the views weren't that great.
I gobbled a banana down and pressed on, not entirely sure where I was going to come out.
The town before me wasn't the one I had expected to see, and was Brynmawr.
Still, I knew the way from Brynmawr back home and most of it was downhill. I checked with another cyclist, a guy riding a single speed road bike with thighs each twice the size of my own, and he confirmed the turning I should take. Some bugger was cooking bacon as I passed through Brynmawr with my stomach beginning to rumble, but I would be damned if I could find the source of the lovely aroma.
From then on it was a pretty easy run to Blaenavon and home. I did contemplate stopping for some cake and a brew in Blaenavon but decided with only 8 miles to home I might as well keep going. I was slowly building my lunch menu in my head as I pressed on.
So, to the victor go the spoils, or something similarly tenuous.
Venison, bacon and cheese burger in fried slices, with carbonara on the side, and a bit of extra bacon.
Keep fit, it's brilliant.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baby you're so Buglelicious

A good day of sorting out push bikes today. I've never really gelled with the full suspension Stumpjumper so that was pulled apart to sell (shout if you're interested, £200 for frame and shock) and the wheels, with the addition of a singlespeed convertor found their way onto the Reynolds 853 framed Inbred.
I also wanted to try some new bars, the marvellously named Humpert Space Bugle's.
Of course with some rubberised cork grips they matched the old brown vinyl saddle perfectly, so I removed that and the post and fitted a slightly more comfortable carbon fibre post and Ti-railed palomino saddle. Huzzah!

Gearing is 32/17 so 1:1.88 as there are a few stonking hills around here and I rather be pedalling than walking. We'll see how it goes.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cobra Superslots for sale

From behind the shed, I found these when pruning/deforesting.
Cobra Superslots 14x6 ET12 with a PCD of 114.3mm (or pretty damn close!)

Got them for a mate for his pop top bedford rascal but they poked out a little much so he didn't want them. I've given one a quick go with some scotchbrite and it comes up ok, so I'd be hopeful for the rest. They are black on the back side and that is in good nick.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Is a freshly knitted herdwick woollen cycling cap.
Many thanks Sarah, you are a star.