Thoughts and musings two wheel based. Also wheel rebuilds and bottom brackets serviced.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Long nights

Took a trip on the Tenere from home to the Isle of Arran and back. 869 miles in 56hours. Not record breaking but fun to do. The pervert in me wants to build a sidecar for it though. 
I have issues.

Camped up

On the coast road

Leaving Arran from Lochranza

Waiting for the ferry onto Isle of Bute

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And there was rejoicing

More SB#3 progress. 
Joy camshaft #209

Lovely letters...

So many hoses though-

Polished rocker just shining through-

Pick a carb, any carb...

Left to right then- Mikuni TM38, Mikuni TM38D, Keihin FCR39, Mikuni BST40

 No prizes for guessing which is going on SB#3.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shed Brew

We love a bit of beer here, always helps grease the wheels of thought and lines the walls with possibility. Or summat. Home brewing is the way forward. 40pints of ale for £15? Count me in. 
Last night was bottling night...

Let them rest now for a week or two and then consume...

#3 head

Fitting up the R/D Ti valve spring kit after lapping in valves and measuring spring height. Excuse the porno filter...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Shed Brewed #3

Taking a hit and then moving on. From this-

To this- 

Amman Valley Short Track

Wet start, dry finish. Good racing. Go see a bunch of loons hurl themselves round a dirty surface on loud bikes now. Or at the next meet. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Me(n)tal Dreams

Spotted on Rocket Garage, this gorgeous looking BMW...

Looks to be in prefect front/rear balance visually. Some more inspiration for Shed Brewed project 4.

Less Past pt3

More fairing... Mask off number board, rattle can white, new pirellis, rocking horse shit 3-1 remus (which hangs lower than your grans tits), finish off and ride. Summer 08

Less Past pt2

Fairing stay? Continued...fairing in a box on DR600 (more later) fibreglass and mesh, sand and fill, rattle can black...

Less Past pt1

1994 Triumph Speed Triple. Shed brewed rattle can black, Proflex shock, fairing stay?


The Flat Bastard- SR500, Wiseco 10:1 2nd over piston, Megacycle 251-62 TT grind cam, Vernier cam sprocket (9' advance), R/D Titanium spring kit, Mild head port, 38mm Mikuni TM, 7 row oil cooler, 1 3/4" Flow racing pipe and megaphone with Supertrapp end plates, shed brewed C-bars, CB400SF Showa piggy back shocks, HEL brake line, shed brewed orange/brown candy lace paint. Summer 07